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There are a lot of very average logos out there. At Mossless, we’d hate to see you lumbered with a boring, unimaginative logo. That’s because we understand that it’s more than just a graphic to slap on your website and notepaper: it’s your visual identity; a worldwide ambassador for your business and your brand. It needs to reflect your corporate personality, values and ethos: attracting the right kind of attention in a crowded marketplace, whilst offering reassuring recognition to your existing customers. Logos can convey honesty, reliability, integrity, professionalism, forward thinking. But beware: done badly, they can just as easily convey the opposite traits. No-one want an amateur logo.

Whether you want to develop an existing corporate identity or start right from scratch, our experienced creative logo design team will work with you to identify how best to reflect your business, your values and your services within a new logo. You can request certain text, symbols, devices, crests – whatever you like. Or you can just leave it all to us. Our designers will strive to understand the unique needs of your business, and to deliver a logo design that you’ll be proud to represent your organization.

It’s important to understand how logos need to be adapted and scaled across the web, email and social media – as well as offline in stationery, publications, signs and even vehicles and uniforms. At Mossless we will develop a logo design that will look good and work across multiple platforms and channels to create a clear, consistent visual identity for your business.

So if you’re considering a new logo, concerned about timescales or budget, or if you just want to discuss the possibilities – call us today.

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