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A Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign can offer you a powerful and unique tool to get your site to the top of search results that are relevant to your business, and draw search engine traffic quickly – but only if it’s implemented properly. In reality, far too many advertising budgets are wasted on PPC strategies and keywords that simply do not work.

Here at Mossless we have assembled a first class team of experts to make sure your PPC campaign really delivers, giving you control over your image and message across the major search engines. With our advanced bidding and conversion optimization techniques you get more clicks – and more sales – for every single one of your advertising dollars.

Why PPC?

PPC ads are those highlighted links that appear in prime positions alongside regular search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you haven’t dipped your toe into the SEM pond yet, or if you’re still not sure whether SEM is the right choice for your business, PPC is the ideal way to test the water.

PPC offers:

  • Agile, targeted marketing
  • Insightful tracking data
  • Easy budget control
  • The fastest way to draw search engine traffic

Done badly, PPC can suck your ad budget dry and give you nothing in return. But done well, PPC offers simply the best return for your online marketing investment. Don’t worry if you’ve had bad PPC experiences in the past: at Mossless we can show you how it’s supposed to be done.


It’s important to understand that PPC and SEO operate in fundamentally different ways: they are suited to quite different sales strategies, and can produce very different results. That’s why Mossless treats them as completely separate channels, maximizing the overall impact of your marketing spend.


PPC works only if it is delivering your ads at the right time and in the right place – generating quality clicks. That means anticipating what your future customers will be searching for.

Sure, there are plenty of keyword research tools out there, but they can be misleading and result in you bidding for poor quality keywords. It’s far too easy to throw your money away on pointless bidding wars – or generate low quality clicks that look good on your stats but not on your profit report.

Instead, Mossless uses keyword targeted mechanisms and our own, custom-made bidding strategies to hone in on just the right search queries for your business. We make sure you’re not wasting your time – or money – targeting the wrong keywords. Let’s leave that to your competitors, shall we?


Both Google and Bing assess the quality of PPC ads: including the text, their performance and the relevance of your site. A high quality score can reduce your costs considerably. A low quality score can kill your campaign. At Mossless we can help you get – and maintain – a high quality score by ensuring your ad copy stays relevant and effective.

That applies to your landing pages too: there’s no point paying for a click and then throwing it away. Carefully designed, quality landing pages are essential if you want your clicks to translate into sales. At Mossless, we are experts on designing, testing and optimizing landing pages to drive conversion rates, maintain your search engine quality scores, and make sure your PPC campaign really delivers.


PPC campaigns are like orchids: if they don’t get a lot of care and attention, they’re pretty much dead. PPC campaigns work when they are actively managed, strategically responding to performance, changing trends, or even the actions of your competitors. But because PPC is so responsive, that means it’s great for generating a buzz about your new product or special offer in no time – and fine-tuning your message is easy. If you have the right management, that is.

If you’re tempted by that expensive, automatic PPC management software, forget it. At Mossless, your PPC campaign is managed by real-life experts – with decades of professional experience between them. Honestly, we beat those PPC robots hands down.

We also deliver valuable data on your conversions. That’s not just sales: whenever a visitor signs up for a newsletter, grabs a free download – or any other action you can think of – it provides valuable insights into your customer base and essential information for your broader marketing approach. And of course we make sure it feeds right back into your PPC management strategy.

Latest and greatest

There are new Adwords and AdCenter features being launched all the time. We always test new features in a controlled environment first, but our active PPC management strategies mean that we can take advantage of them as quickly as possible – stealing a lead over your competitors. In fact, we frequently have the opportunity to take part in Adwords beta testing, which allows our clients access to the latest, cutting-edge features weeks or even months before their rivals.

So whether you’re ready for your best-ever PPC campaign, or you’re still not sure and have a few more questions, give us a call today.

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