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Social Media Retargeting

Retargeted ads on social media platforms offer a way of maximizing the impact of your social marketing by repeatedly displaying your ads to social media users. Links shared via social channels enable users who’ve followed those links to be tracked. That means that even if their click didn’t result in a conversion or sale the first time, having followed the link once they’ll then experience repeated exposure to your brand. Your message will benefit from recognition and increasing familiarity over time – dramatically improving the prospects of a conversion.

Mossless provides an easy way to bring your brand to the most popular social network in the world. You can run campaigns across both mobile and desktop, and drive conversions with native ads in the Facebook News Feed. Mossless clients are experiencing around two to three times the conversation rates having adopted a cross-platform retargeted Facebook campaign.

Mossless provides clients with a single, integrated solution to manage all your Facebook Exchange (FBX) and Website Custom Audiences (WCA) campaigns across desktop, mobile and tablet screens with Facebook retargeting. We can offer a rich level of control over your campaign via features such as advanced audience segmentation, real-time performance monitoring, frequency capping and more.

Here at Mossless we offer social media retargeting expertise to improve your ROI for social marketing, increase your conversion rates and help build your business. We’re waiting for your call.

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